When you begin our program it is not like any other tennis club in Sydney. We approach the sport from a unique perspective that learning tennis is like learning to dance. The sport requires three key skills. Moving correctly, swinging a racket with poise and shape and judging the bounce. Our students work on their side of the court and rarely get to think about an opponent until they cover the fundamentals. We only do forehand and backhand with spin, no slices, serves and especially volleys until they can rally with control. We use a lot of repetition. Our view is simple, once a kid understands and applies technique, they can easily adapt and change later. Some kids take to this easier than others. But for all our students, learning to think as they play gives them huge advantages later. We teach them individually so their esteem stays high and they develop to the very best of their abilities. Once they learn the basics it becomes much more fun as they join squads and play outdoors in a fun, competitive environment. Because they can hit, they want to do well and compete and this drives the future development of our players.