Our JUNIOR FUN tennis program varies depending on location. It starts at $22 per session over a school term for beginners. It is a great way to introduce the sport to kids and see if they like it. Term bookings in advance only. 


ADVANCED JUNIOR is for parents who want their kids to compete at a high level. This is privates only and later streamed squads on outdoor courts. Our results speak for themselves


For ADULTS Off peak hours during daytime Mon - Fri before 3pm is cheaper. Privates range from $70 - $90. Group lessons begin at $22 - $30 per hour depending on numbers We do casual booking and term bookings and work with a network of outdoor coaches. 


ADHD is privates only or privates complimenting ADHD squads. Privates range from $70 - $90 an hour depending on location and time of day. We offer repetition of strokes with scoring and target systems to keep kids focused. Our staff have experience with hyperactive kids and many parents come to us after trying normal kids training programs that fail to help their child advance. 




For more information about bookings please contact Ronan on 0432 394 349.