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We focus on coaching tennis for 3 - 7 year old’s. This involves an indoor coaching program at Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park. We also act as an experimental lab for new training methods. Currently we are developing a robotic coach since human coaches struggle to work with young kids and find our repetition exercises boring to coach. We are also big into VR which allows kids to practice swing and hand eye in a virtual space which is contained. Our goal is to stop the huge drop off rates tennis experiences for kids aged nine and over. We believe kids who develop a strong technical approach from a young age stay in the sport for life.

KIDS reject technical repetition later because it is challenging. The ideal age is four to six where they have solid balance and movement, can take an instruction and are open to any form of teaching. Once they hit seven and eight several factors come into play. First they veer more towards social team sports or sports that require limited technical ability to play. Though most kids play group tennis outdoors or hot shots in schools, they learn no core skills like grip changes, top spin or positional play. It might be fun to learn, but the sport is far more technically sophisticated to play then say soccer or netball. Once they play against a good technical junior, they realise they are not that good after all and they decide to quit. Tennis has poor drop off rates for 9 - 14 year old’s. By instilling core fundamentals over one or two years, they lock in great technical skills for life. Even a 6 year old who drops out will pick up a racket at 14 and hit with spin. We are very passionate about our program and believe it will one day be embraced by the wider tennis community.

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Once kids develop a basic technical understanding of the sport indoors we introduce them to outdoor tennis using the padel courts at EQ, which are ideal junior courts, slightly smaller and glass covers the side partially blocking the wind.  Then later into streamed squads so they can prepare to hit on full outdoor courts and learn the adult game.

Private Indoor coaching is Monday- Thursday from 8am - 8pm. We offer a free 15 minute trial to explain how it works and if it is right for your child. We are usually close to capacity as few leave the program after the first term.

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