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AGE 3 - 6


The Pre Schooler Indoor Tennis Program is designed to develop physical, emotional and fundamental skills for pre-school aged children. The program includes a range of kids sports activities – a great introduction to tennis, they will have heaps of fun and learn vital basics like correct grip and swing pattern. 

We also do reward charts which encourage them to improve so they can graduate each term. 




AGE 5 - 12

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We do an affordable mix of indoor fun group lessons where they then graduate, to outdoor comps and holidays camps. For all our programs we use modified equipment and scaled down sizes of the court ensures optimum development and participation for all children as well as the enjoyment of all participants regardless of the age or standard.

For older kids we coach off orange and green dot ball on full size courts. We do a mix if indoor group and semi and private lessons. We also run ADHD private coaching sessions and a junior advanced class (see below).


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This is for parents who want their kids to compete at the highest level in JDS 10 and under. It is a more technical program that involves privates and streamed squads. All kids must first do one to two years of privates, usually 30 minutes a week, or twice a week to develop correct technique. By the time they develop control of the ball, they enter squads which are streamed and practice up to three times a week. It involves several coaches who specialise in under 8s.