Tennis Quest is a new style of academy for under 10’s, based at Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park. Our goal is to cultivate junior talent to compete at the highest standard. We are not aligned with Tennis Australia and reject their current position on junior coaching and development. Right now in Sydney tennis is at a crisis point with huge drop off rates for 9 year old’s and over. To try make tennis affordable, kids are training with no concept of technical play and when they finally try competing they quickly realise how inadequate they are. Ever since Hot Shots was introduced, the standard of technical play has deteriorated as the sport is marketed as fun and easy to play. Coaches depend on group and schools programs to make a living but they are inadvertently killing off the sport since no progress occurs with the kids.

In an effort to offer an alternative, we are developing a technical rule book so kids can approach the sport like they would music or dance. We want Tennis clubs to begin developing a multi faceted approach to junior development which offers real alternatives to parents.