Tennis is an individual sport (even though we cultivate a team spirit through our squads). This means your child is centre stage and if they are not able to hit the ball with control it is not fun for them at all. So to hit well and to control the ball they must focus on several key elements that make up every individual shot. This is the biggest life lesson they take away from learning tennis with us. If you want to be good at something meaningful, you must focus and you must practice. We teach them this from day one. Focus is key to advancement and since our program is about technical ability, we urge them to advance so they can join other kids in squads and have fun competing, which means trying to win.  



5 Stages of Success

1. We keep the instructions simple and stay on them until they get it

2. Our students learn to correct mistakes themselves

3. Our students take pride in advancement and develop a greater interest in the sport

4. Our students learn the importance of competing

5. We set out a clear pathway to them achieving the very best they can be