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Our reputation for developing young tennis players in the eastern suburbs (3 - 7) is gaining. Our big point of difference is using a unique technical approach by getting kids to think about their actions before they hit. Think about their feet and their swing. They then develop impulse control and this unlocks new insights which help them evolve as players. We are the opposite to conventional outdoor coaching which uses a fun approach and progress is slow or non existent. We strongly believe that fun comes from developing correct technical play so they can actually play. Kids know if they are not advancing but struggle to communicate like adults, so instead of questioning the approach they just complain it is boring or not for them. We use Impact Wall in EQ during the week to hone skills which transfer effortlessly to outdoor courts when the time is right. For parents who do not want to waste money or time and believe sport is a life skill not a trip to the playground. We believe one day every tennis club will run a strand like ours because it accelerates learning and keeps kids in the sport for life. 


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Once kids have developed a basic technical understanding of the sport we introduce them to outdoor tennis using the padel courts at EQ, which are ideal junior courts, slightly smaller and glass covers the side partially blocking the wind.  When they are ready, we move them into streamed squads so they can prepare to hit on full outdoor courts and learn the adult game. These are invitational only. 

Private Indoor coaching is Monday- Thursday from 8am - 8pm. We offer a free 15 minute trial to explain how it works and if it right for your child.